Rock Tumbler Edition: Ron Gallo, CFM & Ty Richards


Ron Gallo: Heavy Meta

Sometimes it’s fun to get all international and esoteric and sometimes it’s fun to just rock the fuck out. Here are three great chock-full-of-rock new albums for your headbanging pleasure. First up is Ron Gallo, the Nashville-via-Philly musician whose new record, Heavy Meta also may be in the running for best album title of the year. The music is everything you’d want in a rock ‘n’ roll record: sweet guitar riffs in a deep power trio format, intelligent songwriting, excellent raspy vocals, and enough explosive energy to wipe your mind clear of anything but what’s coming out of your speakers. Highly recommended.


CFM: Dichotomy Desaturated

CFM is Charles Moothart, a guitarist who floats in the Ty Segall orbit, playing in the band Fuzz. Dichotomy Desaturated is his second solo effort (and, not coincidentally, his second appearance in this space) and in a way it picks up where the debut left off and in other ways shows a bit of a departure. The guitar-drum-bass bombast is still in full force, but there are softer facets as well, contrasting swaths of peaceful acoustic guitar and some inventive transitions. But mostly, there’s the bombast: a fist-pumping garage/psych/punk stew. Killer stuff, CFM is one to put on your list.


Ty Richards: Zillion

I truly love all three of the albums in this week’s column, but this one is really one of my favorite releases of the year so far. Ty Richards is an Austin, Texas-based musician and Zillion is his debut, and a helluva how-do-you-do? it is. I read a description calling it “Beck Zeppelin” and as far as a two-word reference I don’t think I can improve on that. Classic rock foundation draped in a modern-day dance-ready groove with a psychedelic frontispiece. The opening track, “Spaceman” is really a piece of 21st century rock perfection, and the rest of the album fulfills the promise of the start. Should probably be mentioned that Richards did everything on this album: wrote every song, performed every instrument, vocal, recorded, produced, mixed, etc. … he did it all. A labor of love, a coherent and complete vision, and hopefully the first of many to come. Everyone should be listening to Zillion.