RJD2 Details New Album ‘Visions Out Of Limelight’ & Shares Single

Check out the new single “Through It All” featuring Jamie Lidell.

By Scott Bernstein Apr 15, 2024 1:46 pm PDT

Producer RJD2 announced a new album entitled Visions Out Of Limelight that will arrive on June 14 via his Electrical Connections label. Today, the artist born Ramble Jon Krohn dropped the LP’s first single, “Through It All,” featuring British soul singer Jamie Lidell.

RJD2 was inspired on the follow-up to 2020’s The Fun Ones by the TV theme songs of the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s. “I realized how incredibly composed and skillfully complex many of them were,“ he said a press release heralding the upcoming release of the 13-track record.


Along with the TV theme songs, the producer was also inspired by the classic bass lines at the heart of Dr. Dre’s “Deep Cover,” KMD’s “Black Bastards” and Diamond D’s “Sally Got A One Track Mind.” RJ made it a “mini-mission” of his to create a new record that focuses on bass.

The majority of Visions Out Of Limelight’s 13 cuts were tracked with live instrumentation, while the rest were broken down and put back together via sampler “like the olden days,” the producer explained. The album art pays tribute to the visuals fronting both Funkadelic’s iconic 1971 LP, Maggot Brain, and Redman’s acclaimed 1994 album, Dare Iz A Darkside.

“Through It All” is one of two tracks on the mostly instrumental Visions Out Of Limelight to feature vocals. In addition to Lidell’s contributions to the lead single, the album’s “Fools at the Haul” includes falsetto vocals by R&B singer Jordan Brown.

“I was listening to some classic Aaliyah and taking in how Timbaland used amorphous mouth sounds as a textural element,” RJD2 recalled of the process that led to the LP’s first single. “I put a bunch of ‘mouth water drop sounds’ into the MPC. From there, the song really built itself in the fashion you hear it – drums, chords, and vocals from the illustrious Jamie Lidell.”

RJ created the “Through It All” video with his son Charlie Kaiser-Krohn. Watch the visual below:

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Visions Out Of Limelight Tracklist

  1. Cold Eggs
  2. Catch The Exit Door
  3. Through It All (Feat. Jamie Lidell)
  4. What I Do, Man
  5. Es El Nuevo Estilo
  6. Resting On The One
  7. Fools at the Haul (Feat. Jordan Brown)
  8. Wild for the Night
  9. Another Dime From Messoud
  10. Apocalypse March
  11. A Real Screamer
  12. Full Time Move, Jack
  13. Asphalt Lamentations
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