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Around the world with the RecommNeds…

King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard: Oddments

We start our journey down under in Australia with King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard. As their name and album title and whacked-out album art might suggest, their music is a bit out there, but mostly Oddments is some A+ fuzzed-out psychedelic rock with some excellent weirdo prog mixed in and the occasional tendency to crank it to eleven. If you like Tame Impala and Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Thee Oh Sees (and hopefully, as the huge RecommNeds fan you are, you do), then you will definitely dig the Lizard Wizard.

Rdio: htt p:// King_Gizzard__The_Lizard_Wizard/album/Oddments/

Spotify: King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Oddments

Kikagaku Moyo: Forest of Lost Children

Floating our way over the Pacific, we hit Japan and find the brain-blaze jams of Kikagaku Moyo. Their new album, Forest of Lost Children, is the latest and greatest from the consistently-RecommNed’d Beyond Beyond Is Beyond label. This is just deep psych-rock with great out-there instrumental passages and some pretty nifty grooves punctuated by heavy-duty guitars and the occasionally well-placed sitar riff. “Streets of Calcutta” is a good starting point, but the whole damn thing is highly recommended!

Spotify: Kikagaku Moyo – Forest of Lost Children


Moodoïd: Le Monde MÖÖ

Earlier this year, I featured the self-titled debut EP from French band Moodoïd in this space. Well, as our voyage makes its way westward, we find the band following up nicely with the full-length Le Monde MÖÖ. This is a delicious brain trip: part Genesis-prog, part Air-inspired float-away pop groove. The female French vocals add to the music’s dreamlike trance.

Rdio: http://www. doid/album/Le_monde_Möö_1/

Spotify: Moodoid – Le monde Möö


La Hell Gang: Thru Me Again

I think there’s enough room in this lava-lamp hot air balloon for one more trip-out album before we head home, so let’s make our way to Chile. What is it about Chile? The last year or two has seen superlative head-space-invaders from Follakazoid and the Holydrug Couple and now joining them is my newest discovery, La Hell Gang and their slow-burn psych-rock album Thru Me Again. Fuzzy and reverbed to perfection, plenty to love here as our journey comes to a close.

Rdio: http://www.rdio .com/artist/La_Hell_Gang/ album/Thru_Me_Again_1/

Spotify: La Hell Gang – Thru Me Again


Written By: Aaron Stein