RecommNeds | Mark McGuire, Woodsman & Stein Urheim

By Aaron Stein Apr 2, 2014 12:30 pm PDT

You can stream this week’s RecommNeds and previous featured releases through these handy RDIO and Spotify playlists as part of the new JamBase channels for each.

The age of miracles, the age of sound…

Mark McGuire : Along the Way

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we are in a golden age of instrumental music. A prime example is Mark McGuire whose Along the Way combines the experimental with the accessible, the crushingly beautiful with the thoroughly mind-probing. Each composition is a tangled, layered soundscape, delicate guitars of various tones interacting on all levels. A mirror to reflect your mood, or to invert it; a drug to alter your mind and body; a feeling of warmth and well-being. In a word, this album is stunning.

Spotify: Mark McGuire -Along the Way
Rhapsody: Mark McGuire -Along the Way

Woodsman : Woodsman

Did you know that woodsman is an intercollegiate sport, kind of like competitive forestry? Strange and awesome. I have a feeling that the dudes that “play” this sport probably don’t listen to too much Woodsman the Brooklyn-based galactic-rock trio who bend two guitars and drums around the space-time continuum to dizzying effect. Strange and awesome. Their newest self-titled release is instrumental psychedelic noise jamming at its finest.

Spotify: Woodsman – Gravelines
Rhapsody: Woodsman – Gravelines

Stein Urheim : Stein Urheim

According to Wikipedia, Stein Urheim is a “Norwegian jazz musician (guitar).” Listening to his new, self-titled, album, though, it’s clear that “jazz” doesn’t quite do the job to describe the music. Guitars of all types: slides and steel and more traditional, weave together to create slowly shifting sound collages. There are multiple influences buried within each instrumental piece: jazz sure, but blues and bluegrass; ambient and noise, Western and world. Compositions develop along the way, as new themes bubble up and then float away. This is patient, beautiful music. Enjoy!

Spotify: Stein Urheim -Stein Urheim
Rhapsody: Stein Urheim -Stein Urheim

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