RecommNeds | Juan Wauters, Laura Cantrell & Sturgil Simpson

Aaron “Neddy” Stein is back to profile three recent releases that have flown way under the radar.

Juan Wauters: N.A.P. North American Poetry

It’s sometimes amazing how much musical space to be explored at that cusp of folk and rock. Juan Wauters, New Yorker by way of Uruguay, mixes a laid back vibe with scrappy melodies on his new album N.A.P North American Poetry, delivering a unique voice and point of view. This is a treat to listen to, the soundtrack to a great indie movie that hasn’t been made yet.

Rdio: ww

Spotify: Juan Wauters – N.A.P. North American Poetry


Laura Cantrell: No Way There From Here

Laura Cantrell has taken a non-traditional path to her music career. Not many country singers start in Nashville and move to NYC, but that’s how she did it, along the way becoming a DJ for WFMU. Her Nashville roots and knowledge and love of old time country music guide her own songwriting and voice and her new album No Way There From Here is full of timeless songs. Her voice evokes the greats from country past with perfectly matched instrumentation throughout. Good stuff.

Rdio: www.rd

Spotify: Laura Cantrell – No Way There From Here


Sturgill Simpson: Metamordern Sounds in Country Music

With a name like Sturgill Simpson and a voice to match the great outlaw musicians of yore, there was little doubt this guy’s a country singer. Simpson’s new album Metamodern Sounds in Country Music, may be a best-in-genre for 2014, delivering on the promise of its title and the cover art that somehow combines the interstellar and bygone western. The sounds are mostly pure country, but the themes and topics bounce around, most notably on the stellar opening track “Turtles (All the Way Down).” Regardless of your musical taste, this is a country album for everyone, don’t miss out.

Rdio: artist/Sturgill_Simpson

Spotify: Sturgill Simpson – Metamodern Sounds in Country Music


Written By: Aaron Stein