Pro-Shot Video | Keller Williams & Stringdusters – Bertha & Eyes

Back in May the 15th annual Summer Camp Music Festival featured a number of tributes to the Grateful Dead including a set from Keller Williams’ Grateful Grass with The Infamous Stringdusters. Today the festival has unveiled a pair of Summer Camp Sessions videos from K-Dub and the ‘Dusters’ set.

[Photo by Michael Kaiz]

First, watch Keller’s Grateful Grass & Infamous Stringdusters’ fast-paced, bluegrass take on “Bertha”:

Now check out the ensemble’s inventive take on “Eyes Of The World”:

Summer Camp Sessions videos are directed by Jay Blakesberg and edited by Andrew Feigl. Stay tuned for more installments of the series. Head here to view JamBase’s tribute to 50 years of Grateful Dead, Songs Of Their Own.