Pro-Shot: Slightly Stoopid Cover ‘Franklin’s Tower’ With Bob Weir & Karl Denson


As previously reported, back on April 21, Grateful Dead guitarist Bob Weir hosted a guest-filled performance by Slightly Stoopid at his TRI Studios in San Rafael, California. Among those joining the band and Weir that evening was saxophonist Karl Denson and official footage a collaborative rendition of a Dead classic has been made available.

Slightly Stoopid shared pro-shot video of Bobby and Karl D joining in on a cover of “Franklin’s Tower.” Guitarist Miles Doughty and Weir share vocal duties on the arrangement that’s similar to the way Dead & Company have been performing the longtime Grateful Dead favorite.

“It was an honor to play ‘Franklin’s Tower’ with Bob Weir,” drummer Ryan “Rymo” Moran explained to Rolling Stone who premiered the new clip. “I grew up in Marin County and the music and culture of the Dead was all around us. My sister would give me hand-me-down bootleg cassette tapes of live Dead. I went to my first shows in high school at the Shoreline Amphitheater. The Dead were a huge influence on my musical path. I appreciate the chances they would take with sound creation, texture, dissonance, improvisation and exploration. I loved that the space and drum improvisations every night had a different musical direction. I admire their career choices and path as a touring band with a devoted fan base.”

Watch “Franklin’s” from TRI below:

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