Pro-Shot: Phish Rings In 2016 With Hourglass Jam

By Scott Bernstein Jan 4, 2016 8:56 am PST

You can always count on Phish to come up with a creative way to ring in the New Year and Thursday’s New Year’s Eve performance at Madison Square Garden in New York City was no exception. The band set up towards the back of the floor and used “No Men In No Man’s Land” to lead into a wondrous “Hourglass Jam” before Phish pulled a disappearing act in the seconds before 2016 began. Professionally-shot video of the “Hourglass Jam” has been shared by the foursome.

The third set of the three-set show began with Phish set up on a small stage at the back of the venue’s floor. Psychedelic images were displayed on a cone-like structure hung from MSG’s ceiling. As the quartet moved to the “No Man’s” jam, the cone dropped down from the ceiling to immerse the band in what looked like an hourglass. Phish delivered top-notch jamming within the hourglass for nearly twenty minutes. With midnight quickly approaching the hourglass filled with smoke and the members of the band somehow made it from the hourglass to the main stage for the traditional “Auld Lang Syne” to begin 2016. Watch how it all went down:

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