Pokey LaFarge Announces New Album ‘In The Blossom Of Their Shade’ & Shares Single

Lead single "Get It ‘Fore It’s Gone," which opens 'In The Blossom Of Their Shade,' was accompanied by a video for the track.

By Nate Todd Jun 15, 2021 1:20 pm PDT

Pokey LaFarge announced a new album, In The Blossom Of Their Shade, set for release via New West Records on September 10. The Americana artist also shared the single, “Get It ‘Fore It’s Gone.”

LaFarge co-produced the 10-song set — the follow-up to his 2020 LP Rock Bottom Rhapsody — with Chris Seefried in Chicago and Los Angeles. Pokey, however, began the journey to In The Blossom Of Their Shade in Austin as he and his band were about to begin supporting Rock Bottom Rhapsody at SXSW, one of the first festivals to be canceled as the pandemic took hold. Sequestered in East Austin, LaFarge had a chance to work and also reflect on his past as well as his path forward.

LaFarge detailed the experience with NPR’s All Songs Considered, who premiered lead single “Get It ‘Fore It’s Gone.” Read his words below:

This album is a result of my 2020 experience. Before the pandemic, I was in a dark place but the pandemic actually created the much needed space for me to reflect. Turns out that being completely sedentary for once was a good thing. I found peace in the stillness. I was able to recalibrate what it is I do and why I’m doing it. Who I’m to do it with and most importantly, who I’m doing it for.

Pokey tapped Brandon Bernath to direct the “Get It ‘Fore It’s Gone” video. Watch it below:

In The Blossom Of Their Shade Tracklist:

  1. Get It ‘Fore It’s Gone
  2. Mi Ideal
  3. Fine to Me
  4. Drink of You
  5. Rotterdam
  6. To Love or Be Alone
  7. Long for the Heaven I Seek
  8. Killing Time
  9. Yo-Yo
  10. Goodnight, Goodbye (Hope Not Forever)
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