Pitchfork’s ‘Liner Notes’ Presents An Annotated Look At The Grateful Dead

By Scott Bernstein Jul 7, 2016 8:42 am PDT

While we’d imagine our readers are very familiar with the history of jam legends Grateful Dead, just in case you aren’t we came across a five-minute video which documents the band’s roots and beyond. Pitchfork’s Liner Notes gives us a look at how the group was formed, debunks a few rumors and discusses the role of Owsley “Bear” Stanley.

The last few minutes of the video go over the final 20 years of the Grateful Dead’s career including the addition of Donna Jean Godchaux, lyricist John Perry Barlow’s role as an internet visionary and the group achieving chart success with “Touch Of Grey.” Author/journalist/Dead scholar Jesse Jarnow both wrote and narrated the video.

Take a look:

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