Pigeons Playing Ping Pong Dust Off ‘On The Rise’ In Philadelphia

PPPP also delivered covers from Daft Punk, Jimi Hendrix and more.

By Nate Todd Jan 15, 2022 9:53 am PST

Pigeons Playing Ping Pong kicked off their 2022 winter tour on Friday with the first of two concerts at the Brooklyn Bowl Philadelphia, which were originally scheduled for The Fillmore. The Baltimore-based funk quartet busted out “On The Rise” toward the end of the second set.

PPPP got things underway with a pair of staples “Henrietta” and “Offshoot.” The quartet then turned to newer material with “Steal The Shade” after debuting the song on June 16, 2021, as per Phantasy Tour. Pigeons continued with “Skipjack,” and “Something For Ya,” the latter featuring a new outro jam which led into an instrumental version of Daft Punk’s “Something About Us” and original “Porcupine.” “Whoopie” brought the first set to a close.

The second frame commenced with a seamless segment consisting of “Indiglo,” “Sunny Day” and Filter’s “Take A Picture,” a cover the band unveiled at their Domefest Party In The Pods event in Ohio on May 21, 2021. A return to “Sunny Day” capped off the set-opening section ahead of “Fade Fast” and “The Liquid.”

PPPP then dusted of the rarity, “On The Rise,” which, according to PT, has only been played a few times since its debut in 2014 with the latest coming on June 12, 2020 for a total gap of 58 shows. “On The Rise” appears on PPPP’s debut record, 2010’s Funk E P. Pigeons fit in Jimi Hendrix’s “Fire” ahead of an “On The Rise” reprise.” The classic “Horizon” closed out the second set. Another vintage tune, “Drunk People,” served as the encore.

Setlist (via PPPP Facebook)

Set One: Henrietta > Offshoot, Steal The Shade, Skipjack, Somethin’ For Ya* > Something About Us^ > Porcupine, Whoopie

Set Two: Indiglo > Sunny Day > Take A Picture > Sunny Day, Fade Fast, The Liquid, On The Rise > Fire > On The Rise, Horizon

Encore: Drunk People


* w/ New outro jam

^ Instrumental

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