Phish Performs ‘Waves’ In Mexico: Pro-Shot Video

By Scott Bernstein Feb 26, 2020 10:46 am PST

Phish played a version of Round Room track “Waves” on Saturday night that was the longest take on the song they performed during an actual show since the It festival in 2003. The band released pro-shot video of the 19-minute “Waves” from the third night of their Phish Riviera Maya destination event in Mexico.

Despite taking “Waves” to nearly 30 minutes during a technical rehearsal for Summer Tour 2011 at Bethel Woods in Bethel, New York; Phish rarely played a version that expanded beyond 12 minutes since … until Saturday. Check out how JamBase contributor Ben Greenfield described the Mexican “Waves” in The Skinny:

[“Soul Planet”‘s] guitar-led jam found its way, in short order, into “Waves.” Just as it seemed that the band might be avoiding major jams, they went deep, weaving their way through uplifting moments, low-key funk and dark grooves, with each segment marked by patience and full-band cohesiveness. “Waves” ended with a peak that was enormous, though somehow minimalistic, instantly placing the jam in the song’s pantheon. An “ocean is love” vocal flourish capped off the peak, and after one more section, “Carini” emerged.

Watch the long and strong “Waves” from Mexico below:

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