Phish Performs ‘Set Your Soul Free’ In Mexico: Pro-Shot Video

By Scott Bernstein Feb 25, 2019 6:41 am PST

Phish threw down for three nights in Mexico between Thursday and Saturday for the third installment of their Phish Riviera Maya destination event at the Barcelo Maya Resort. One of the many improvisational highlights of the weekend was the “Set Your Soul Free” that opened the second set on Friday night. Phish shared pro-shot video of the adventurous “Set Your Soul Free” on their YouTube channel.

“Set Your Soul Free” has been a springboard for improvisation ever since the second time Phish played the song on July 25, 2018 in San Francisco. That version spanned 25 minutes and the one from Mexico was just about the same length. What’s interesting about the Mexican version is that guitarist Trey Anastasio went back to a style of playing fans referred to as “Plinko” in the early ’10s. Here’s what JamBase’s Andy Kahn wrote about the Riviera Maya “Set Your Soul Free” in his recap of Friday’s concert:

A dark and angular jam was quickly concocted out of the song introduced last summer. The texture of the improvisation shifted as Fish altered tempos and Page went from Fender Rhodes to organ. Shifts, twists and turns continued as the foursome continuously locked into varying patterns, producing some start-stop, call-and-response action and woos from the people watching on the sand. Trey ultimately lifted the 25+ minute jam to a soaring and emphatically climatic conclusion.

“Set Your Soul Free” led into a transcendent “Mercury” that also topped the 20-minute mark. Watch the exploratory “Set Your Soul Free” from February 22 at Phish Riviera Maya in Mexico:

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Phish returns to the stage on June 11 in St. Louis.

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