Phish LDs Chris Kuroda & Andrew Giffin Talk Baker’s Dozen On ‘The Light Side’ Podcast


Last fall, Dopapod Lighting Designer Luke Stratton launched a podcast called The Light Side focusing on the production side of live music. Stratton spoke with Phish Lighting Designer/Director Christopher Kuroda and Associate Designer and Programmer Andrew “Gif” Giffin during the Vermont jam act’s recent Baker’s Dozen residency at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Luke broke up his chat with the Phish team into two parts and the first installment went live today.

Kuroda starts by explaining the band and management’s role in making the decision to transition from the video panels used in 2016 to the moving trusses used this summer. Chris and Andrew detail how the moving trusses work and all the time that went into the different looks and cues. One of the more interesting parts of the chat was when Kuroda talked about his early days with the band and how he needed to up his game once Phish moved into amphitheaters and arenas. CK5 also told the story of how he came to start working with Gif.

Towards the middle of the podcast, Chris, Gif and Luke start getting into detail of the more technical aspect of the Phish light rig. Kuroda also discusses the other gigs he’s taken, how he fit the MSG house rig into the Phish lighting rig and many other topics. Around the 65-minute mark, Stratton starts reeling off quickie questions in which we learn Kuroda’s favorite movie, lot food and more. CK5 also reveals the Grateful Dead show he wishes he could go back in time and light.

Listen to the first part of The Light Side featuring Kuroda and Giffin: