Phish Shares Hampton ‘Simple’: Pro-Shot Video

By Scott Bernstein Oct 23, 2018 3:04 pm PDT

The fifth show of the current Phish tour took place on Sunday night at Hampton Coliseum in Hampton, Virginia. Phish delivered the improvisational highlight of the fall thus far in the form of a 20-minute “Simple” within the Hampton finale. Pro-shot video of the spectacular “Simple” has been shared by the band.

Contributor Parker Harrington penned this description of the Hampton “Simple”:

In a jam that explored many themes and was as wide as it was long, this was archetypal Phish jamming at its finest. Dropping on dimes, trading ideas and full band communication, this “Simple” was anything but simple. Complex rhythms. Fascinating chord progressions. Jamlets that both seemed familiar and fresh at the same time. Galloping pace at times, beat changes, key changes and expansive sound, this “Simple” was glorious. As with many great Phish jams, it is impossible to point to the one thing that “made it.” This jam was defined by many small things that all came together perfectly: Jon Fishman‘s driving percussive groove, the euphoria, “butter” notes, the gradually and perfectly executed transition back to the melody and the song “proper,” the “Simple” was undeniably an all-timer and even reached the elusive “20-minute mark” that many fans have used as a barometer of “long jams.” And it happened in the early part of the first set. To say that “Simple” was a good omen for things to come later in the show was an understatement.

Watch Phish’s performance of “Simple” from Sunday, October 21:

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Tonight, the band plays the first of two shows at Ascend Amphitheater in Nashville. A free webcast of Wednesday’s show is available.

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