Phish Guitarist Trey Anastasio Makes Plea For Return Of Ween

By Scott Bernstein Aug 7, 2015 5:20 pm PDT

Phish frontman Trey Anastasio already helped facilitate the reunion of former mates earlier this summer when he took part in a reunion of the Grateful Dead’s core four in Santa Clara and Chicago. Anastasio apparently isn’t done helping bands reunite as he took a moment during tonight’s Phish show at Blossom Music Center in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio in an attempt to bring Ween’s co-founders back together.

The quartet had just finished performing a cover of Ween’s “Roses Are Free,” when Anastasio stepped to the mic to deliver a plea. “I’d like to take a quick second to send a special message out to my friends Aaron and Mickey who are going to hear somehow through this. Guys it’s time to get back together and start playing again, that’s from me here at Blossom. Aaron and Mickey I hope you hear that. Ween – one of my all-time favorite bands – time to get back together and start playing. You heard it here first.” Aaron is Aaron “Gene Ween” Freeman while Mickey is Mickey “Dean Ween” Melchiondo. The duo formed in 1984 and broke up in 2012. Gener and Deaner have not shared the stage since. Melchiondo’s latest version of the Dean Ween Group features all of the touring members of Ween besides Freeman, while Gene recently started performing with a new band under the Gene Ween moniker.

Phish and Ween were label mates on Elektra for the better part of a decade. The Vermonters inserted Ween’s “Push th’ Little Daises” into a live version of their own “Weekapaug Groove” way back on April 4, 1993 and both Anastasio and drummer Jon Fishman praised Ween in interviews around that time. On December 11, 1997 Phish debuted a cover of “Roses Are Free” that quickly became a part of their cover rotation.

Hopefully Aaron and Mickey do get the message and the return of Ween is nigh. Check back later for more from Phish’s performance in Ohio.

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