Andy Gadiel & John Paluska Talk Phish Fall Tour 2000 & More On ‘Under The Scales’ Podcast

By Scott Bernstein Oct 5, 2020 8:42 am PDT

JamBase co-founder Andy Gadiel and former Phish manager John Paluska appear on Osiris Media‘s podcast Under The Scales for a discussion of Phish’s Fall Tour 2000. Host and Phish lyricist Tom Marshall interviewed both Gadiel and Paluska about the band’s final run before beginning their first hiatus and additional topics including John Paluska discussing why he stopped working with Phish.

Under The Scales host Tom Marshall originally aimed to fold both interviews into one episode about Phish Fall Tour 2000 as part of Osiris Media’s “October Project” with Beyond The Pond and HF Pod. However, each chat went so well and contained so much content of importance he decided to turn them into separate installments with each available today.

Gadiel made his return to the podcast after his first appearance on Under The Scales in October 2017. This time around, Andy spoke of “the end of the beginning,” or how the period dubbed by fans “1.0” came to a close. Gadiel discussed the rumors that were posted on his Phish page website before the band officially announced they would begin an indefinite hiatus following a pair of concerts at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California on October 6 and 7, 2000.

Andy recalled his experience attending the last shows of Fall Tour 2000 from a member of the audience’s perspective. Gadiel spoke of the concerts in Las Vegas on September 29 and 30 that included a guest spot from Kid Rock. The pair also brought up the debut of “Guy Forget” with Marshall revealing his thoughts on the song’s lyrics. The episode ends with Andy remembering how effortlessly Phish played at Shoreline.

John Paluska was Phish’s first manager and directed the band’s career through their 2004 breakup. While the conversation focused on Paluska’s memories of Fall Tour 2000, he also addressed why he parted ways with Phish. “It largely has to do with how things ended after Coventry and facing what felt like a much less likely possibility of any sort of near-term reunion much less ever, we were in a position of needing to wind up all of our operations in Vermont, which was really hard and painful in a lot of ways just because we were a really well-oiled machine,” John explained. “At that point, I stepped back, I felt like I needed a break and wasn’t feeling up for managing them indiviually to the degree any of them wanted me to.”

The members of Phish wound up signing with Red Light Management as did Jason Colton, Paluska’s right-hand man. “It was incredibly emotionally for me when they reunited, that was a big deal. I feel like a phantom limb or something,” Phish’s former manager told Marshall. “It felt incredibly strange that they were back performing live and I wasn’t involved with it and it took quite a bit of time to make peace with that. And to a degree I still feel sad that I’m not still involved with them.” John said he’s proud of what Phish has accomplished and feels they are still performing well all these years later.

Paluska recalled the shows at Shoreline weren’t originally booked as the band’s final shows before taking a hiatus. The scheduling just turned out that way. “Obviously the band has a long and storied history of playing in San Francisco and it’s one of their great markets for sure, and a place they love to play. All of that felt good,” Paluksa said. “But I’m not sure if they knew they were going to do a final run of dates landing somewhere and at that point take a break with an indefinite future, I’m not sure that Shoreline would’ve been the venue they would’ve chosen.”

Additionally, Paluska discussed Bob Weir’s guest spot with Phish at Shoreline, how the band wanted to keep to themselves backstage during those shows and other memories of the end of Fall Tour 2000. John compared the situation at Shoreline to the way Phish currently only allows an extremely limited number of people backstage since they reunited. He went on to explain the circumstances that led to Phish taking a break after Fall Tour 2000.

Listen to Andy Gadiel & John Paluska’s appearances on Under The Scales below:

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