Phish Fall Tour 1997 Spotify Playlist


JamBase and The Mockingbird Foundation are celebrating the 20th anniversary of Phish’s famed 1997 Fall Tour with a series of retrospective essays about each of the landmark shows. The currently underway series revisits the 21 concerts through remembrances written by attendees including team members, JamBase staff and contributors and others. This week’s edition of Saturday Stream presents an audio compendium of sorts to coincide with the Remembering Fall ‘97 series.

Evidence of the outstanding nature of Fall ‘97 can be seen in the fact that Phish has officially released six shows from the run that saw the band diving into their “cow funk” style. Of those six performance, five are available to stream on Spotify (December 6 in Auburn Hills is not currently streaming):

  • November 17 in Denver
  • November 21 in Hampton
  • November 22 in Hampton
  • November 23 in Winston-Salem
  • December 7 in Dayton

Those shows are presented in chronological order in this week’s Spotify Playlist. There are also fillers including the “Saw It Again” soundcheck from Denver on November 16 and “Wolfman’s Brother” > “Makisupa Policeman” from November 19 in Champaign. A total of 80 tracks clock in at just under 14 hours of live Phish, listen along below as the series continues to roll out over the coming days and weeks: