O.A.R. Featured In Qello Original Series ‘Evolution Of A Song’

Subscription service Qello Concerts features an extensive library of concerts, musical documentaries and related films from a wide variety of genres and performers which can be viewed on demand. Qello recently announced its first foray into original programming with the launch of a one-of-a-kind weekly series called Evolution Of A Song. The series is centered on the mystifying process of songwriting and its first season focuses on Maryland’s O.A.R..

So far Qello has premiered two installments of the first season of Evolution Of A Song that are free for anyone to watch. The entire series will then be available on demand for Qello Concerts subscribers. Evolution Of A Song is being produced by filmmaker Peter Harding who aims to pull the viewer right into the minds and the daily lives of featured artists. “My intent is to offer a rare look at the creative process. We aren’t showcasing finished, polished songs, rather revealing the challenging road to creating them. It’s the relatable part of creativity, and to me, the most inspiring,” said Harding.

O.A.R. are gearing up for a Summer Tour and the release of a career-spanning album dubbed XX. “This will be a very important song for O.A.R., as it will serve as the cornerstone for their upcoming release on Vanguard Records. We at the label applaud the band’s courage in allowing this level of documentation, which will truly give their fans a unique perspective and unparalleled access,” Dan Sell of the band’s label said of the tune O.A.R. creates profiled on the first season of Evolution Of A Song.

Watch the trailer for the first season of Evolution Of A Song:

Head here to watch the first episode of the series and here for the second episode.

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