No Plans In Place For Genesis Reunion

When word came down in June that the Peter Gabriel-era lineup of Genesis had reunited for the first time since 1975 to take part in a BBC/Showtime documentary, our thoughts turned to the possibility the quintet would decide to perform together. Sadly though, it appears there’s no plans in place for that lineup or any version of Genesis to tour anytime soon according to a new interview with guitarist Mike Rutherford.

When asked about the possibility of a Genesis reunion with Gabriel, Rutherford told Rolling Stone, “We discussed that years ago and that does remain possible. I’d like it to be. But from what I see, there are no plans, though no doors are closed.” How about a reunion with the Collins-led version of Genesis that toured in 2007? “I’m speaking to Phil tomorrow, we’ll see what happens. But if he does anything, I think it’ll be something solo first…I just think he’s testing the waters because retirement didn’t really agree with him,” the guitarist explained to Rolling Stone.

Collins ended his live hiatus back in May and will perform at a benefit at the Fillmore Miami on December 6. We hope Phil gets the performing bug back and decides he’d rather tour with Genesis than as a solo artist, but from Rutherford’s comments that doesn’t seem likely.

On the positive side, the long-awaited Genesis documentary –Genesis -Sum of the Parts -will premiere on Showtime come October 10 at 8 p.m.

Update 12:45 p.m. PT: Phil Collins has issued a statement on Facebook in which he makes it clear he won’t be returning to the concert stage extensively anytime soon:

Phil Collins announced today that he has no plans to return to the concert stage at this time contrary to recent news items. He will be performing three or four songs at a charity event in Miami on 6th December on behalf of the Little Dreams Foundation, the charity that he co-founded with his ex-wife Orianne, but has expressed concern that his brief appearance could be incorrectly viewed as a full-on Phil Collins show based on some media reports. While Phil is fully supportive of the charity he does not want ticket holders to have any false expectation regarding his appearance. “I will be performing three or four songs semi-acoustically, and maybe one more with my 13 year old son Nicolas on drums, but that’s all as I am not ready to return to the full concert stage at this time” said Collins.