No Pavement Reunion Says Bob Nastanovich


Any hopes of a Pavement reunion this year or next were apparently squashed by the band’s leader Stephen Malkmus who turned down a suggestion by Pavement drummer Bob Nastanovich to once again get the band back together. Appearing on Pitchfork contributor Vish Khann’s Kreative Kontrol podcast, Nastanovich said his and other Pavement members’ attempts to persuade Malkmus into reforming, “did not float.”

[Photo via Bob Nastanovich’s Facebook]

The enlightening discussion touches many interesting topics, including what’s been happening with Nastanovich’s other band, The Silver Jews, who have been recording new material for the first time since breaking up in 2009. You can stream the entire episode here and subscribe to the podcast here.

[Hat Tip –Pitchfork]