Phish Has Finished New Studio Album & Listen To Some Of Wednesday’s Bust Outs

By Scott Bernstein Jul 21, 2016 11:07 am PDT

Last night Phish delivered a first set for the ages when it comes to song selection at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. As we reported the set featured a whopping 12 tour debuts including songs not played since 1998, 2009, 2013, 2014 and 2015.

A crispy audience recording has surfaced so we’ve collected six of the biggest bust outs. Let’s start with the evening’s biggest bust out which was followed by the revelation of major news in the Phish world. Towards the middle of last night’s instant classic first set Phish dusted off The Beatles’ “Cry Baby Cry” for the first time since the famed Hampton Comes Alive shows at Hampton Coliseum in Hampton, Virginia back on November 21, 1998. After the bust out, guitarist Trey Anastasio dedicated the next song, “Sing Monica,” to producer Bob Ezrin. “We just finished our new album tonight,” Anastasio told the crowd. Ezrin produced the band’s next studio album as he did 2014’s Fuego. Listen to “Cry Baby Cry” and “Sing Monica”:

Speaking of the new album, one song debuted this tour that potentially may appear on the band’s upcoming LP is the ballad “Miss You.” Phish unveiled the slow tune on June 24 at Wrigley Field and hadn’t played it again until last night. Lyricist Steve “The Dude Of Life” Pollak revealed on Facebook that the song was written about Trey’s sister Kristy Manning. Kristy passed away in 2009 after a battle with cancer. The title track from 2009’s Joy was also about Trey’s sister. Here’s “Miss You”:

The evening’s second biggest bust out (in terms of length between performances) was the Hoist obscurity “Demand.” Phish last played “Demand” on December 31, 2009 in Miami – a span of 258 shows. Last night’s version was just the 16th in the band’s history and the second since 1996. Unlike the studio track and the foursome’s “Gamehoist” performance on June 26, 1994; Wednesday’s “Demand” did not include the “Split Open & Melt” jam and “Yerushalayim Shel Zahav” last night in San Francisco. Listen to “Demand”:

Bassist Mike Gordon wrote Fuck Your Face in Phish’s early days and it was included on The White Tape. However, after the first known version of “Fuck Your Face” on April 29, 1987 it was dropped from the band’s live shows. After 1,413 shows and over 23 years “Fuck Your Face” finally returned on July 2, 2010. Last night’s was just the 10th in Phish history. Check it out:

Speaking of heavy songs in the Phish repertoire, another is Gordon’s heavy metal tune “Big Black Furry Creatures From Mars.” Wednesday’s version was the first since August 15, 2015 and just the third since 2012. Drummer Jon Fishman exclaimed “one, two buckle my shoe, three, three and half” before counting to four very quickly during the wild “BBFCFM.” It also contains a “The Very Long Fuse” quote. Take a listen:

The final tour debut of the first set came in the form of “Sanity.” Dude Of Life wrote the tune with the four members of Phish and it disappeared from the rotation between 1998 and 2009. In more recent years it’s been a once or twice a year affair and last night’s version contained wild laughing from Trey and Fish. Anastasio also threw in yells of “Rawhide!” while Fish exclaimed “I don’t need a place to hide.” Hear it for yourself:

Outside of “Cry Baby Cry,” last night’s otherworldly first set only contained one other cover. Towards the end of the opening stanza keyboardist Page McConnell led his mates on James Gang’s “Walk Away,” which was last performed on October 29, 2013 – a span of 100 shows. Enjoy:

The second set featured one more tour debut as Phish dusted off “Fee” for the first time since July 27, 2014 – a 74 show gap. Watch footage of the Junta classic captured by JamCatcher:

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