New Larry Keel Album ‘Experienced’ Features Many Guests


Guitar phenom Larry Keel will unveil his 15th self-released album, Experienced, on February 26. Not only does the new LP feature his bandmates Will Lee and Jenny Keel, it also contains contributions from many of his musical friends.

Experienced was recorded at Wally Cleaver Studio in Fredericksburg, Virginia with engineer Jeff Covert. Guests on the LP include Sam Bush, Del McCoury, Peter Rowan, Keller Williams and Anders Beck. “This project is a collection of my songs and Will Lee’s music, developed further with the amazing talents of some of our musician friends and heroes. Very real. Very fresh,” Keel said of the album.

“Larry Keel is a triple threat… songwriter, guitar player, entertainer. He can do it all,” Del McCoury, who is featured on “‘Fill em Up Again,” said of Keel. “I think what makes Larry so powerful is that he has lived his songs, he’s not sitting in a room trying to write the hit of the week, he’s writing what’s in his heart and on his mind.”

“I love me some Keels. There is a certain genuine authenticity that Larry and Jenny possess,” added Keller Williams. “When we get together, our wonder-powers unite to form a giant, impenetrable sphere of open-minded, Appalachian psychedelic goodness.” Anders Beck declared, “Larry is the yin and the yang. He will break your heart with a waltz, but he can also scare the hello out of you in the next song. He plays on the edge… no, strike that.. he creates genius guitar solos while staring over the edge and laughing maniacally.”

Experienced Tracklist

  1. Ripchord [Lee] 6:09 w/ Sam Bush
  2. ‘Lil Miss [Keel] 4:22
  3. Memories [The Keels] 4:00
  4. Fill’em Up Again [Lee] 2:55 w/ Del McCoury, Jason Carter, Mike Guggino
  5. Miles and Miles [Keel] 4:37 w/ Keller Williams
  6. The Warrior 4:38 [Keel] w/ Peter Rowan
  7. Another Summer Day [Lee] 4:47 w/ Anders Beck, Jeff Covert

*All tracks with The Larry Keel Experience: Larry Keel, Will Lee, and Jenny Keel