Happy Birthday Neal Casal: Solo Catalog Spotify Playlist


Yesterday, on the eve of what would have been guitarist Neal Casal’s 51st birthday, several of the late musician’s previously unavailable solo releases were made available on digital streaming platforms. In addition to Casal’s previously unavailable solo albums landing on streaming services, the video for “Reason” from Casal’s album, The Sun Rises Here, was also re-posted.

Casal was a member of Circles Around The Sun, Chris Robinson Brotherhood and The Skiffle Players, and his additional projects included Hardworking Americans, Beachwood Sparks, Hazy Malaze and Ryan Adams & The Cardinals, among several others. Along with his contributions to those groups, between 1995 and 2012 Casal recorded several solo albums and an additional pair of duo albums. Nine of Casal’s previously unavailable albums are now available to stream on Spotify and similar digital platforms.

Physical reissues of Casal’s solo catalog are expected in 2020. Next year will also see the release of the final Circles Around The Sun album, which will include Casal’s recordings that were made a week prior to his death on August 26, 2019.

Below is a Spotify Playlist consisting of Neal’s seven previously unavailable solo records, plus the 1999 album he recorded with Kenny Roby, Black River Sides, and 2002’s collaborative album with Shannon McNally, Ran On Pure Lightning. The playlist presents the prior available Casal solo albums, 1995’s Fade Away Diamond Time, 2005’s Return In Kind and 2012’s Sweeten The Distance, as well.

Watch the “Reason” video featuring “a poignant ending segment with Neal and his father discussing his rock ‘n’ roll dreams” and stream the playlist below: