The Mother Hips Share ‘Clay Mask Clown’ Single Featuring Adam MacDougall

Stream the third single from the band's forthcoming 'Glowing Lantern' studio album.

By Scott Bernstein Nov 23, 2021 12:53 pm PST

The Mother Hips rolled out “Clay Mask Clown,” the third single from their forthcoming Glowing Lantern studio album. The track features Adam MacDougall (Circles Around the Sun/Chris Robinson Brotherhood) on keyboards.

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Glowing Lantern is set for release via Blue Rose Music on December 3. Co-founding members Tim Bluhm and Greg Loiacono co-produced the 11-track LP which is the band’s 11th studio album.

The Mother Hips previously shared Glowing Lantern singles “I Don’t Want To Drive You Away” and “Looking At Long Days.” The Who-esque “Clay Mask Clown” was premiered by Relix.

Adam MacDougall played arpeggios on Moog throughout all of “Clay Mask Clown” in unusual fashion as Tim Bluhm noted during an appearance with Loiacono on the latest The JamBase Podcast episode. “Normally when you use a sequencer or arpeggiate a sequence like that, the band plays to the arpeggio speed. It’s like the click track. But we had recorded the song already and there wasn’t a usable click track on those floor takes,” Bluhm explained. “The only way Adam could get that to work was to actually play the arpeggios with his right hand the whole time.”

“We had to open a window afterward,” Loiacono recalled of the sweat MacDougall worked up. “It was efficient. He got through it and it was incredible,” Bluhm added.

Hear The Mother Hips’ “Clay Mask Clown” below:

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