Members Of moe. & Umphrey’s McGee Trade Portland Sit-Ins


Umphrey’s McGee and moe. were both in Portland, Oregon on Friday night. UM’s Brendan Bayliss would sit in on guitar with moe. to start their show at Revolution Hall while moe. guitarist Al Schnier would return the favor during Umphrey’s encore at the Crystal Ballroom.

“Crab Eyes” kicked off moe.’s show with Bayliss in tow. Brendan added some shred to the reggae-tinged tune before he and Schnier teamed up for guitar harmonies. moe. then jumped into a nearly nonstop section beginning with “Water” before segueing into “meat.,” “It” and “Gone.” “Billy Goat” came next before the band returned to “meat.” to close out the first frame.

The second set got going with “Along For The Ride” before heading into a no huddle “Waiting For The Punchline.” Up next, Blue Oyster Cult’s “Godzilla” led into “Jazz Cigarette.” A chased “Runaway Overlude” segued into “Silver Sun” to close out the second set. moe. retook the stage for an encore of “Akimbo” and “Captain America.”


Just across the Willamette River, Umphrey’s commenced with “You Got The Wrong Guy” before heading into “Walletsworth.” “1348″ then got into “In The Black” ahead of “Bad Friday” and “Forks.” The classic “Wappy Sprayberry” then led into “The Fussy Dutchmen” ahead of the first set closer “Puppet String.”

Set two got underway with “Synchronicity II” before “Miss Tinkle’s Overture” segued into “Andy’s Last Beer.” That’s when things got really interesting as opener Andy Frasco got the party started by slamming a couple beers and then jumping into the crowd for a little surf. After finishing “1348,” new song “Suxcity” led into “Night Nurse” which in turn headed into “Half Delayed.” “Nopener” came next ahead of the set closer, “JaJunk.”

The sit in shenanigans continued with Al Schnier joining UM for a cover of the Simple Minds’ ‘80s anthem made popular by the film The Breakfast Club, “Don’t You Forget About Me,” for just the 10th time since debuting it in 2013 according to All Things Umphreys. Bayliss would note during a breakdown of the song that “when I was in college, I never thought this guy would walk out on the stage with us.” But the bands have become friends over the years as evidenced in Al and UM keyboardist Joel Cummins hitting the slopes together earlier that day. The “Don’t You Forget About Me” was certainly a family affair with Frasco and more joining in to sing and dance the night to a close. Check out a clip of “Don’t You” as well as Brendan’s sit-in with moe. and Andy slamming a beer below:

Crab Eyes via Paul Citone


Don’t You Forget About Me via moe.


Andy Frasco’s Last Beer via Steve “Britches” Britz

moe. setlist via moe. FB

Set One: Crab Eyes*, Water > meat. > It > Gone, Billy Goat > meat.

Set Two: Along For The Ride >(nh) Waiting For The Punchline, Godzilla > Jazz Cigarette, Runaway Overlude > Silver Sun

Encore: Akimbo, Captain America


{* w/ Brendan Bayliss on guitar ~ Umphrey’s McGee }

Umphrey’s McGee Setlist via UM Twitter

Set One: You Got The Wrong Guy > Walletsworth, 1348 > In The Black, Bad Friday, Forks, Wappy Sprayberry >The Fussy Dutchman, Puppet String

Set Two: Synchronicity II, Miss Tinkle’s Overture > Andy’s Last Beer [1], Suxity > Night Nurse > 1348, Half Delayed, Nopener, Jajunk

Encore: Don’t You Forget About Me [2]


[1] with Andy Frasco slamming beers

[2] with Andy Frasco (vocals) and Al Schnier (guitar)

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