moe. Opens 30th Anniversary Tour In Seattle


moe. returned to the road on Thursday to open their 30th anniversary tour at the Neptune Theatre in Seattle. The five-piece played originals from throughout their career to kick off the excursion.

“Prestige Worldwide” gave way to “Mar-DeMa” which led into “Bullet” to begin the show. moe. then dusted off “Little Miss Cup Half Empty” for the first time since February 15, 2019 and followed with “Bring You Down.” The first set of tour ended with “Who You Callin’ Scared” and the return of “Rise,” which had been of the shelf since July.

moe. started the second set with an exploratory “Plane Crash.” Al Schnier‘s “Screaming & Kicking” came next along with Jim Loughlin‘s “I Can Never Remember” — a song last played on March 7, 2019. The latter bled into oldie “Yodelittle” before moe. closed the frame with the frequently paired “Kyle’s Song” and “Kids.” Last night’s show came to its conclusion with a “The Ghost Of Ralph’s Mom” encore.

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Setlist (via moe. FB)

Set One: Prestige Worldwide >(nh) Mar-DeMa > Bullet, Little Miss Cup Half Empty > Bring You Down, Who You Callin’ Scared? > Rise

Set Two: Plane Crash, Screaming & Kicking, I Can Never Remember >(nh) Yodelittle > Kyle’s Song > Kids

Encore: The Ghost Of Ralph’s Mom