moe. Performs Drive In Concert In New Hampshire


moe. played in front of an audience for the first time since March on Thursday night at Cheshire Fairgrounds in Swanzey, New Hampshire. The band’s drive in style concert kicked off a weekend of shows that continues tonight and tomorrow in Yarmouth, Massachusetts and wraps up in Morris, Connecticut on Sunday.

While “Timmy Tucker” was intended to bookend the band’s two sets, moe. ran out the clock and didn’t leave the stage before their “encore.” The 13-minute “Timmy Tucker” opener featured stellar solos from guitarists Chuck Garvey and Al Schnier with the latter’s leading into “Tailspin.” Next up was “Crab Eyes” before bassist Rob Derhak welcomed the audience to the show and asked fans to honk their horns.

moe. continued on with the first ever public performance of This Is Not, We Are track “Undertone.” The song was the only tune included on the band’s recently released album that hadn’t been played live. moe. did perform the Garvey-penned “Undertone” during an August livestream concert originating from Big Blue North Recording Studio in Utica, New York. Last night’s first set concluded with the frequently paired sequence of “Spine Of A Dog” into “Buster.”

“ATL” got the second set underway and was followed by a 19-minute version of “Four.” moe. blew past the song’s normal structure for a particularly adventurous version of the classic tune. Schnier then took an opportunity to address the crowd. “It’s just good to see people again,” Al said. “I just miss people.” He also spoke about the need to vote on Election Day.

“Screaming & Kicking” came next. moe. then launched into a wild rendition of “Head” that spanned over 18 minutes. The band used the outro of “Head” as the basis for another exploratory jam in which they telegraphed a return to the spot in “Timmy Tucker” they left off earlier in the evening. Derhak explained the quintet wouldn’t have time to leave the stage before their final song of the evening. Schnier then delivered a quick round of “al.nouncements” ahead of a “Stranger Than Fiction” finale.

Stream an audience recording of last night’s show taped by Ted Gakidis below:


Set One: Timmy Tucker > Tailspin, Crab Eyes, Undertone, Spine Of A Dog > Buster

Set Two: ATL > Four, Screaming & Kicking, Head > Timmy Tucker, Stranger Than Fiction

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