Mike Campbell Expects The Heartbreakers To Perform Together Again


Mike Campbell of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers talked to Rolling Stone about the possibility of performing with his band mates again. The guitarist stated he was open to the idea of playing shows with The Heartbreakers and cited examples of what those shows might be.

“Of course we’ll play again someday,” Campbell told Rolling Stone. “We love each other too much not to do that.”

Campbell, who currently tours with Fleetwood Mac and his The Dirty Knobs project, mentioned the idea of touring in support of the long-awaited Wildflowers box set that would feature a number of singers filling the role of the late Tom Petty. Campbell made clear The Heartbreakers would not reform and tour with a new frontman but left open the possibility of making new music with his longtime mates, telling Rolling Stone:

We’ll never go out with Paul Rodgers [who performed with Queen for five years] or someone else. Nobody can fill those shoes. I can’t fill them and I don’t know anybody else that I would want to fill them … In the stretch of my imagination, if there’s somebody that we really respect that would want to do an album with a band, we could maybe do that. And if we made an album together and that felt really good and we wanted to go on the road as a whole, doing different songs, maybe there’d be a place for that in the future. But that’s just pie-in-the-sky talk. But it definitely would have to be all new material. It wouldn’t be going out and doing Heartbreakers songs without Tom. That would just be like…ugh.

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