Midnight North Releases ‘Silent Lonely Drifter’ Single

"Silent Loney Drifter" features Jason Crosby on violin and Scott Law on mandolin.

By Nate Todd Jul 9, 2021 4:00 pm PDT

Midnight North shared the song “Silent Lonely Drifter,” which arrived as the band’s debut single on American Vibes. The tune is set to land on Midnight North’s upcoming album, There’s Always A Story, due out on July 23 and available for pre-order on Bandcamp.

Midnight North — Grahame Lesh, Elliott Peck, Nathan Graham and Connor O’Sullivanannounced There’s Always A Story in February and shared the single “Wild Card.” The band followed with “The Sailor & The Sea” and “Coyote” ahead of final single “Silent Lonely Drifer,” which features Scott Law on mandolin and Jason Crosby on violin.

“Silent Lonely Drifter” composer Nathan Graham detailed the song in a statement:

Here we have a folk melody reminiscent of the timeless string music heard in the Appalachian region. Lyrically simple – the tune gives thanks to the inevitable and natural balance that exists in this universe – no matter the day or the moon.

I shared the tune with Grahame on a day off down south a few years back. It definitely still needed something on the lyrical side, and Grahame had the idea to identify each verse with different full moons in the yearly cycle. Each full moon carries a unique weight to those surviving down below – so we made a connection from each moment (verse) to each full moon.

Grahame Lesh also shared some thoughts on the song:

Nathan would play us snippets of “Silent Lonely Drifter” on tour whenever he would get ahold of a banjo, and once he showed me the full song I always hoped we’d get a chance to play & sing it with Midnight North. The song was close to fully formed when he brought it to the band, and the melody & chord progression were so intuitive that we latched onto it quickly when we finally started tracking it in the studio. It really came together when we made Nathan sing the melody as Elliott & I wove harmonies around him. Now that we’ve played it live “Silent Lonely Drifter” is one of my favorite of our songs to sing in harmony!

Listen to “Silent Lonely Drifter” below:

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