Midnight North Shares ‘Long View’ Single


Midnight North released a new single, “Long View,” via Dutch Records. “Long View” features contributions on piano and violin from multi-instrumentalist Jason Crosby.

Members of the band detailed how the song came to fruition from writing to recording in a series of statements:

“I experience an overwhelming sense of calm when I sit down with my banjo,” drummer Nathan Graham said. “[Guitarist] Grahame [Lesh] and I sat down and shared ditties and fragments in a hotel room outside NYC last year over coffee. One of these was the early demo of ‘Long View.’”

Guitarist and vocalist Grahame Lesh added the following:

We had suspected that Nathan was a great songwriter ever since he’d joined the band. When he and I finally sat down to listen to some of the ideas that we’d both compiled, the first thing he showed me was the chorus to “Long View”. “Like building a ship in a bottle. Like rowing a boat on the open sea. I look past you looking at me. I take the long view.” The lyrics and melody struck me immediately, and as soon as I could I started working on building a song around it. It all came to me very quickly.

Here’s what bassist Connor O’Sullivan had to say about “Long View”:

We wanted to try something new with this recording. We’ve been lucky to have our own sound engineer, Andrew Erickson, on the road with us for a while now and we realized between us we had all the equipment to record ourselves. So we moved all our gear to a house right on the beach north of San Francisco. We did some experimental sessions first, then got Midnight North in there to record a few tunes which Long View came out of. The song starts and ends with a recording of the ocean waves right outside the door where we were working, it’s quite soothing.

Listen to “Long View” below: