Michael League Announces Debut Solo Album ‘So Many Me,’ Shares Single & Appears On ‘Inside Out wTnS’


Snarky Puppy‘s Michael League will release his debut solo album, So Many Me through GroundUP Music on June 25. League, who spoke about the LP and much more during an appearance on the latest installment of JamBase partner Osiris Media’s Inside Out wTnS podcast, unveiled So Many Me lead single “Right Where I Fall” along with a video for the track.

The singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist feels his solo debut comes just at the right time in his career and builds upon what he’s accomplished. “It’s really just an extension of the work I’ve been doing over the last 17 years,” League explained. “As is the case with almost every project I participate in, I’m just trying to combine different things I love in order to create something that has meaning to me.”

Michael League worked on So Many Me while quarantining in a small Cadiz, Spain flat. The album was co-produced and mixed by Nic Hard with Emily Lazar tapped to master the LP. “I had the idea of creating a textural landscape with really thick vocal harmonies; a mix of Turkish, Moroccan and Kurdish percussion but also of synthesizers,” added League. “It was very clear in my mind.” The 11-track LP is said to find Michael “exploring 1980’s soundscapes and dropping in references spanning from Tears for Fears to Talking Heads.”

League returned to Inside Out wTnS to check in with hosts Rob Turner and Seth Weiner following a 2018 appearance on the podcast. He talked about how So Many Me differs from his other projects, life during quarantine, touring with Bill Laurance, a variety of new recordings in the works and much more with Turner and Seth.

Watch Michael League’s “Right Where I Fall” video below:

Stream League’s appearance on Inside Out wTnS:

So Many Me Tracklist

  1. Sentinel Species
  2. Me, Like You
  3. Right Where I Fall*
  4. Since You’ve Been By
  5. I Wonder Who You Know
  6. Touch Me
  7. Best of All Time
  8. In Your Mouth*
  9. Ever the Actor
  10. Fireside
  11. The Last Friend

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