Marco Benevento Appears On ‘Comes A Time’ Podcast

Watch Marco discuss playing with Phish members, his new album and more.

By Nate Todd May 20, 2022 11:54 am PDT

Marco Benevento was the guest on the latest episode of JamBase partner Osiris Media’s Comes A Time podcast. The renowned keyboardist and singer-songwriter chatted with hosts Oteil Burbridge and Mike Finoia about playing with members of Phish, his home studio, new album and more.

Following a humorous discussion about medical nitrous vs. the lot variety brought about by the dreaded dental experience, Mike mentioned seeing Benevento in Burlington, Vermont along with Marco’s longtime collaborator drummer Joe Russo and Phish’s Trey Anastasio and Mike Gordon in the supergroup GRAB in the mid-2000s.

“That time period was really wild for Joe and I,” Benevento recalled, “cause I was like 27 or something. I was young and we were touring around with half of Phish. I just couldn’t believe it.” The tour also included Phil Lesh & Friends and Marco talked about playing in bigger venues for the first time and how he and Joe had to revamp their playing from a sonic standpoint to fit the larger spaces.

“Maybe [Anastasio and Gordon] had to help Joe and I deal with the sonic issues of playing in gigantic sheds and figuring that out. But we figured it out and had a great tour and a great time. And to this day it was one of the best tours of my life,” the keyboardist added.

The conversation between the musicians and comedian naturally turned to sound idiosyncracies in various venues around the country. Marco mentioned his “hometown” venue and “the mecca” at Levon Helm Studios in Woodstock, New York, which lead the recording artist to discuss the wood he used in his own studio inspired by hearing that Levon used hemlock. Benevento then gave a brief virtual tour of his impressive home studio in Woodstock.

Having a home studio came in handy for Benevento as the conversation turned to the pandemic and how Marco was still able to make music at home. Lockdowns led to the keyboardist playing nearly every instrument on his upcoming album, the aptly named Benevento, due out on June 10 via the label he co-founded, Royal Potato Family.

The conversation also touched on Oteil and his brother Kofi’s last show together, Marco’s psychedelic animal farm and more. Watch the Comes A Time podcast with Marco Benevento below:

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