Mapache Releases New Single ‘Love Can’t Hold Me’

Watch a performance video from L.A.'s The Lodge Room.

By Nate Todd Apr 12, 2022 10:13 am PDT

Mapache shared a new single, “Love Can’t Hold Me.” The song will appear on the Los Angeles-based band’s forthcoming album, Roscoe’s Dream, arriving on June 10 via Innovative Leisure/Calico Discos.

Mapache’s Sam Blasucci and Clay Finch announced Roscoe’s Dream — named after their beloved Boston Terrier — in March and released the single “I Love My Dog.” The group followed with “They Don't Know At The Beach” a few weeks later and now share “Love Can’t Hold Me.”

“‘Love Can’t Hold Me’ is a way to describe how it feels when you fall in love,” Mapache shared. “Bookstore jazz, freedom, amnesia, among other things.”

“With a shuffling trash can drum beat and trebly garage rock guitars that rough up the song’s slick, effortlessly harmonized chorus,” press materials for the new single noted, ‘Love Can’t Hold Me’ would fit snugly alongside anything from The Velvet Underground’s Loaded.”

“Love Can’t Hold Me” arrived with a performance video captured at L.A.’s The Lodge Room. Watch it below:

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Also, check out the studio version:

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