Madi Diaz Performs ‘Tiny Desk (Home) Concert’

Watch Madi on "Resentment," "New Person, Old Place" and more.

By Nate Todd Mar 28, 2022 12:51 pm PDT

Madi Diaz delivered a Tiny Desk (Home) Concert. The singer-songwriter offered songs from her 2021 album, History Of A Feeling, for the renowned NPR Music performance video series.

Madi Diaz released History Of Feeling in August 2021 and also recently put out a guest-filled companion EP, Same History, New Feelings. For her “tiny living room” concert, the singer-songwriter fit a four-person string section — violinists Annaliese Kowert and Kristin Weber, cellist Kaitlyn Raitz and viola player Lydia Luce — and drummer, Adam Popick, into her Nashville apartment.

Madi and her accompaniment played four songs off History Of A Feeling beginning with “Resentment,” a song she originally co-wrote for Kesha’s 2020 album High Road, as per NPR. Madi also played “New Person, Old Place,” “Forever” and ended with History Of A Feeling’s title track.

Watch Madi Diaz’s Tiny Desk (Home) Concert below:

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