Mad Tea Party Jam Cancels Papadosio Set After Band Members & Attendees Fall Ill

By Scott Bernstein Jun 20, 2017 12:31 pm PDT

The 2017 installment of The Mad Tea Party Jam was held this past weekend at Four Quarters Farm in Artemis, Pennsylvania. Papadosio’s third set of the weekend was canceled on Saturday after three of the five band members fell ill. NYS Music reports a number of attendees, musicians and staff at the event also became sick with several sent to a local hospital.

NYS Music reports symptoms were first reported on Friday. The website spoke with a festival attendee, who was taken to the emergency room of a nearby hospital. The attendee told NYS Music she was diagnosed with dysentery and said the doctors told her dysentery “is often given as a broad term diagnosis to stomach viruses accompanied by bloody stools.” As of press time, no official cause of the health issues has been announced.

The Mad Tea Party’s announcement about the cancellation of Papadosio’s third set reads in part, “Due to health factors that are out of our control, Papadosio will not be able to play their 3rd set scheduled tonight at The Mad Tea Party Jam. 3/5 members of the band have fallen ill and feel they couldn’t give you the show you deserve without the full band in good health. We are sorry to disappoint and take these health issues very seriously.”

Four Quarters hosted WickerMan Burn the previous weekend, where similar health issues were reported. Organizers of the Mad Tea Party Jam shared a message from the venue that notes, “Recently we have suffered at Four Quarters outbreaks of a very contagious Viral GI illness that is following the pattern of the 2008 season outbreaks. We have been in contact with our public health officials about Viral GI prior to the outbreak at The Mad Tea Party and have been in continuous contact since Sunday morning, June 18th. We have been forwarding contact information, hospital information, test reports and samples directly to the PA Epidemiological Dept, and will be meeting with them on site shortly.” Read the full statement from Four Quarter’s Orren Whiddon:

[Via – NYS Music / Hat Tip – Billboard]

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