Low Cut Connie Releases New Album ‘Tough Cookies: Best Of The Quarantine Broadcasts’

By Scott Bernstein May 19, 2021 10:29 am PDT

Today, Low Cut Connie (Adam Weiner) unveils the new album Tough Cookies: The Best Of The Quarantine Broadcasts. The 23-song covers LP contains highlights from Tough Cookies, a twice-weekly livestream series Adam performed from his South Philadelphia home with guitarist Will Donnelly.

“Two weeks into quarantine, we ‘went live’ in my spare bedroom in South Philly to cheer up our fans. There was no script, no plan, just a couple schmucks trying every form of entertainment to try to lift people’s spirits,” explained Weiner regarding Tough Cookies when the album was announced. “Now a year later, we’re still going strong and have covered over 500 songs for viewers in over 40 countries. It’s been amazing watching the project grow and I wanted to put the record out as a document of this insane time we all shared. It was all done on cell phones but the spirit of the matter cuts through.”

Tough Cookies: The Best Of The Quarantine Broadcasts includes songs by Paul McCartney, Cardi B, Donna Summer, Madonna, David Bowie, INXS and many others. Low Cut Connie will embark on a headlining tour this fall with stops in Jersey City, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Columbus, Chicago, New York City and Asbury Park (New Jersey) already announced.

Stream Low Cut Connie’s Tough Cookies: The Best Of The Quarantine Broadcasts below:

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