Listen To 4 Debuts From Phish Summer Tour Opener In Chicago


Friday’s Phish show contained a total of four debuts. Two were completely new originals, one was a song the Trey Anastasio Band had played a number of times over the last three months and another is a cover written 115 years ago. While a LivePhish official recording is available for purchase and streaming, an audience recording surfaced on eTree. Stream all four debuts from the audience recording below.

For those looking for a full rundown of Phish’s tour opener which was highlighted by a memorable “Harry Hood,” a wild “Your Pet Cat” and one of the more jammed-out debuts in recent memory, head here. The first of the four debuts, with all audio provided by Team Iko Iko, was an a capella performance. Phish gathered around a microphone and out came “In The Good Old Summer Time,” a big hit of the ’00s – the 1900s. Listen to how it went down:

One song later the quartet trotted out “Everything’s Right,” a tune with lyrics by Tom Marshall and music from Trey Anastasio. Trey’s TAB outfit first unveiled the optimistic rocker at their first show of the year, but Phish used the tune as an improvisational springboard in a way Anastasio’s solo outfit didn’t. Here’s audio of “Everything’s Right”:

The second set contained a lone debut, “Leaves.” As with “Everything Right,” this one contains music from Trey and lyrics from Tom. Marshall recently discussed the tune on his Under The Scales webcast. Stream the slow-paced number:

Friday’s encore started off with the evening’s fourth and final debut. Anastasio led the way on the reggae-tinged “Love Is What We Are.” The song sounds like it’s out of the Bob Marley song book, but is thought to be an original. Take a listen:

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