The Lil Smokies Share ‘World’s On Fire’ Single


The Lil Smokies released “World’s On Fire,” the lead single from their Tornillo studio album. Tornillo is due out January 24.

Named for the Texas city where the band recorded the album, Tornillo was tracked with producer/engineer Bill Reynolds at Sonic Ranch. “Our time there encapsulates all of the good things about being in a band and making music,” vocalist and dobro player Andy Dunnigan said in a press release when the album was announced. “The word ‘tornillo’ in its literal definition means a screw or a bolt. That’s exactly what this experience in the studio did for us as a band. We really came together and worked as a unit, and we got back to those reasons why we do this.”


The band took a rare respite from the road over the past six months as they focused on festival appearances and only played a handful of gigs otherwise. “We just had a big break, so we’re feeling recharged,” Dunnigan told Billboard, the outlet that premiered the single. “It’s going to be nice to have these new songs to play. We’ve been sitting on the album for a bit, so it’s always a breath of fresh air to play new songs for people.”

“World’s On Fire” was informed by both the band’s internal and external outlooks. “The political climate and zeitgeist is all built in there. It’s kind of all shaping up to be the reality TV show it was designed to be, and the season finale is coming up,” Dunnigan added about the song he penned in an AirBnB during a tour and noted the tune references his current personal situation in addition to current events. “Lyrically it’s a bit more ambiguous than some of the other [songs] on the album. I think in our own lives we’re all pyrotechnicians, so to speak, and I was going through a pyro phase in my life. I was in kind of a transition with relationships. It was a moment where [the band] was on the road non-stop, always moving and things get a little out of control and crazy and you don’t have time to recalibrate yourself and your life. So that’s part of [the song] as well.”

Listen to “World’s On Fire” below:


Tornillo Tracklist

  1. Fortunes
  2. Carry Me
  3. World’s On Fire
  4. True Blues
  5. Wheel On The Water
  6. Life Out There
  7. Sharpest Edges
  8. Always, Now, Never
  9. Giant
  10. Blood Money
  11. Tornillo
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