Les Claypool Talks Oysterhead and Dean Ween Fishing Show

Primus front man recently spoke with Rolling Stone for a new feature in which he discusses a couple of topics close to our heart -the possibility of an Oysterhead reunion and his reality TV show with former Ween guitarist Mickey “Dean Ween” Melchiondo. Claypool also reveals Primus will play the Fox Theater in Oakland on New Year’s Eve.

Oysterhead has been mothballed since 2001 with the exception of a 2006 set at Bonnaroo. When asked about the possibility that the trio (which features Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio and The Police drummer Stewart Copeland) will reunite Claypool responded, “Ah…I don’t know what the hell is going on with Oysterhead. We always talk about it. There’s a lot of talk. I think it’s an itch we should start scratching here pretty soon. It’s been long overdue. But there’s a lot of exciting things going on, on all of our horizons -Phish is making a record right now, I’m about to start to play with Tim Alexander again and make a Primus record, I tried to buy a winery yesterday and that fell through, trying to get this damn fishing show going with Mickey.”

Speaking of the fishing show with Deaner, Claypool states “Well, we got some financing from some friends, and went down to Florida and shot a bunch of footage. Unfortunately, didn’t catch a lot of fish, but got a lot of good footage of us attempting to catch fish. Men on the hunt. So then we shot some more footage in New Hope Pa., where we did catch a bunch of fish, which is near his house. Then he was at my place a couple of months ago, and we got incredibly drunk the night before and he actually continued on and got even more drunk with our cameraman. So we went out to fish the next day, and pretty much everybody just slept on the boat, while one guy was vomiting. So, no fish on that one either. We started off with this 30-minute episode, and we whittled it down to a five-minute piece. We’re talking to production houses, and we’re starting to take meetings, so we’ll see what happens.”

Head over to Rolling Stone for the full article to read Claypool’s thoughts about reuniting with drummer Tim Alexander, Duo de Twang and much more. The bit about reforming with Tim Alexander includes the scoop that RatDog is getting back together next year, hence Jay Lane leaving Les’s employ. 

[via Rolling Stone, Hat Tip –@MKDevo]