Lars Ulrich Discusses Grateful Dead Influence On Metallica


Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich cited the Grateful Dead as an influence on the metal band’s business model. Urich touted the Dead’s independent DIY style when comes to handling business in an interview with CNBC.

The Grateful Dead have always marched outside the mainstream when it comes to the music industry. Rather than hindering them, this has allowed GD to maintain a certain level of autonomy which is somewhat rare in music.

Ulrich spoke about how the Dead’s model has inspired Metallica’s business moves over the years. Read an excerpt from the CNBC interview below:

As far as Metallica is concerned, we have our own record label, [and] we pretty much try to control all the different elements in our little bubble, our little ecosystem. We’re financially independent… we sort of model our existence on the Grateful Dead…who considered themselves to be living outside of the mainstream… that’s been our dream, to just be independent, autonomous, to be able to create the music and not owe anybody any money. So when you say, Who has the control? we like to think that in our bubble that we do, but obviously we’re also very fortunate in that we can channel the success that we’re so grateful for into financial independence.

Urich also spoke about the future of music after the COVID-19 pandemic. Watch Lars’ full interview with CNBC below:

[Hat Tip – Metal Hammer]

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