Keller Williams Announces New Album ‘Add’ & Shares Single


Prolific artist Keller Williams will release his 24th studio album, Add on May 31. Williams unveiled “The Big One,” the lead single from his follow-up to 2018’s Sans.

Add features Williams adding vocals back into a mix of new and previously unrecorded originals as well as covers of Firehose’s “Brave Captain” and “All I Want” by Joni Mitchell after going the instrumental route for Sans. Keller performs on vocals, acoustic and bass guitars, keyboards, percussion and upright bass over the course of the nine-track LP. The new album was co-produced, recorded and mixed by Jeff Covert in Fredricksburg, Virginia.

“I’m excited for ‘The Big One’ to see the light of day, as it’s had tons of stage time and no real place on any of my last few releases,” Keller said of his new single. Listen to “The Big One” below:

Add is available for pre-order here.

Add Tracklist

  1. Beat My Chest
  2. The Big One
  3. Dubstep
  4. Brave Captain
  5. Landlord
  6. Impeding The Hunt
  7. All I Want
  8. Poser The Fake
  9. I Believe

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