Keller Williams Shares ‘Add’ Album: Exclusive Premiere


Next Friday, Keller Williams will issue a new studio album entitled Add. JamBase is pleased to premiere the multi-instrumentalist’s 24th LP a week ahead of its official release.

Add comes on the heels of 2018’s Sans, Keller’s first all-instrumental studio album. The new record features a mix of seven new and previously unrecorded originals as well as covers of Firehose’s “Brave Captain” and “All I Want” by Joni Mitchell. Williams tapped Jeff Covert to co-produce, record and mix the LP in Fredricksburg, Virginia. Keller sings and plays acoustic and bass guitars as well as keyboards, percussion and upright bass on the nine-track album. Plus, the Virginia native injected a bevy of drum samples and used deep bass effects on his vocals.

“I look at my 20-something releases as simple documentation of where my head and musical ideas currently reside,” Williams told JamBase. “The addition of Add was brought on by an unexpected flurry of inspiration which led to songs writing themselves. Attention Deficit Disorder has nothing to do with this record. I like squirrels.”

Stream Add below:

Add is available for pre-order here.

Add Tracklist

  1. Beat My Chest
  2. The Big One
  3. Dubstep
  4. Brave Captain
  5. Landlord
  6. Impeding The Hunt
  7. All I Want
  8. Poser The Fake
  9. I Believe

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