Katy Tur & Congressman Tom Garrett Exchange Phish References On MSNBC


MSNBC’s Katy Tur once again showed off her love of Phish during a segment she was hosting. Tur wasn’t the only one dropping references to songs and lyrics and by the band, as her guest Republican Congressman Tom Garrett of Virginia got in on the action as well.

The latest Phishiness took place this afternoon while Tur and Garrett spoke about the current government shutdown. Tur subtly referenced “Cavern” and “Rift,” while Garrett got in his own “Lizards,” “Maze,” “Contact,” “Crowd Control” and “Anything But Me” quips during their exchange.

Here’s Katy and the congressman:

Last year, Tur spoke to Democratic Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy about Phish. Here’s their exchange from December: https://twitter.com/moneyries/status/943936301094629377

Tur made references to Phish lyrics throughout 2017, often with fellow fan and journalist Jake Sherman. Here’s Katy weaving one Phish reference into another to end 2017: