Katy Tur Ends 2017 With One Phish Reference After Another


Not only did Phish have a memorable year in 2017, but so did MSNBC host Katy Tur. It’s hard to believe anyone entering the year would have expected the journalist to appear on this website over seven times, yet she has done a phenomenal job working her love for Phish into her broadcasts, often with fellow journophish comrade Jake Sherman. Katy went above and beyond to end 2017 by dropping a monologue that included 80 seconds of references to the famed Vermont band.

Tur started with a reference to “The Wedge” and went on to fit either titles or lyrics from over a dozen Phish songs into her year-ending speech. Included within were references to “Harry Hood,” “Slave To The Traffic Light,” “Bouncing Around The Room,” “Everything’s Right,” “Waking Up Dead,” “No Men In No Man’s Land,” “AC/DC Bag,” “Tube,” “Roggae,” “Your Pet Cat,” “Back On The Train,” “Theme From The Bottom,” “Wolfman’s Brother” and “Wilson.” Katy let out a “Woo” before tossing the show over to fellow MSNBC host David Gura, who surprised Tur with a “Back On The Train” reference of his own.


Watch Katy weave one Phish reference into another to end 2017:

[Hat Tip – Dan Greenberg]