Josh Ritter Confirms New EP ‘See Here, I Have Built You A Mansion’ & Shares Single

By Nate Todd Aug 19, 2020 10:36 am PDT

Josh Ritter announced a new EP, See Here, I Have Built You A Mansion, due out on August 28. The singer-songwriter also shared the record’s lead single, “Time Is Wasting.”

The upcoming EP is an eight-song set from Ritter’s back catalog. “See Here, I Have Built You A Mansion is a collection of songs and performances that I love from the previous several years,” Ritter said in a statement. “I did the artwork a while back, and the title just popped into my head. I’ve really been missing making music with my band. On record or live, it’s always an adventure.”

Ritter also detailed the EP’s lead single, “Time Is Wasting,” and more including a cover of Dire Straits’ “Brothers In Arms,” a song he wrote for Joan Baez and a track featuring multi-instrumentalist Josh Kaufman. Read his words below:

I wrote “Time Is Wasting” for a movie. The song didn’t get used but I ended up thinking about it again as COVID lockdown stretched away in front of us. The rest of the songs soon fell into place behind it. There is a lot of time and distance and farewell on these recordings. “Miles Away” is all about physical and emotional distance, while “Brothers In Arms,” one of my favorite Mark Knopfler songs, is a pathos-filled, Shakespearian rumination on battle and memory. “Haunt” and “Waiting on You” were both recorded with the Royal City Band during the Gathering sessions, and “Heaven Knows” features the mighty Josh Kaufman on slide guitar. I initially wrote “Be of Good Heart” for Joan Baez’s final album, but I loved it so much that I wanted to do a recording with my band as well. Finally, “Lawrence, Kansas” which was recorded live in Lawrence, Kansas, is one of my earlies compositions. I feel lucky to work with musicians and play for audiences who can continue to breathe new life into even my oldest songs.

Listen to “Time Is Wasting” below:

See Here, I Have Built You A Mansion Tracklist:

  1. Time Is Wasting
  2. Haunt
  3. Heaven Knows
  4. Miles Away
  5. Waitin On You
  6. Be Of Good Heart
  7. Brothers In Arms (Dire Straits cover recorded live in during soundcheck)
  8. Lawrence, Kansas (recorded live in Lawrence, KS)
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