John Mayer Says Dead & Company Is One Of His Career Highlights


While guitarist John Mayer spent the back half of 2015 and 2016 focusing his live efforts on Dead & Company, he’ll mix D&C dates with his own tours in 2017. Mayer’s Dead & Company experience has reinvigorated his musical career and he discussed as much in a new interview with New York City radio station Fresh 102.7.

“It was one of the greatest things, if not the greatest thing, that happened in my career since actually having a musical career,” said Mayer about Dead & Company. “It just opened so many more doors…it’s excited me again,” the guitarist added. He discussed the differences between being a solo artist and a member of a band. John explained his membership in Dead & Company takes so much pressure away from his solo career.

Watch John Mayer talk Dead & Company with Fresh 102.7:

Tonight, John Mayer will perform on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Dead & Company kicks off their third tour on May 27 in Las Vegas. The tour will run through the beginning of July.

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