John Mayer & Bob Weir Of Dead & Company Inspired ‘Garbage Pail Kids’ Stickers


Children of the ’80s are probably very familiar with Garbage Pail Kids, a series of trading cards originally put out by Topps as twisted versions of Cabbage Patch Kids. Believe it or not, Topps has continued to issue Garbage Pail Kids over the past few decades. The latest series American As Apple Pie includes sticker versions of the cards inspired by rockers including members of Dead & Company.

As The Future Heart first noted, artists parodied in the series are Beck (“Decked Beck” and “Hammy Hansen”), Radiohead (“Radio Dead” and “Tortured Thom”), The Roots (“Tree Roots” and “Quest Shrub”), Morrissey (“Meaty Morrissey” and “Sacrilege Smith”), Arcade Fire (“Arcade Fired” and “Lose Butler”), Red Hot Chili Peppers (“Fiery Flea” and “Affably Anthony”), Death Cab for Cutie (“Death Cab For Frontman” and “Bashed Ben”), Guns N’ Roses (“Overworked Axl” and “Gunnin’ For Rose”) and The Cure (“Crying Cure” and “Sobbing Smith”). Dead & Company’s Bob Weir and John Mayer are re-imagined as “Bob Weird” and “Johnny Slayer.”

The musician-inspired Garbage Pail Kids are available as a complete set of as two-sticker sets.

[via The Future Heart / Hat Tip – CoS]