Joe Russo’s Almost Dead Covers Pink Floyd & Welcomes Members Of The Slip At LOCKN’ Farm

Watch JRAD's "Other Shit" performance of Pink Floyd classics.

By Scott Bernstein Aug 15, 2021 8:44 am PDT

Joe Russo’s Almost Dead‘s mini-festival at The LOCKN’ Farm in Arrington, Virginia has been hampered by weather conditions that brought an early close to the action on Friday and Saturday. However, The Slip was able to pull off their sets both days and JRAD played a long matinee set followed by an “Other Shit” performance featuring Pink Floyd covers on Saturday.

The Slip featuring guitarist Brad Barr, drummer Andrew Barr and bassist Marc Friedman opened with a new song on Friday and then mixed such classics as “Get Me With Fuji” and “Motherwolf” with a cover of Paul Simon’s “The Boy In The Bubble.” The reunited trio’s Saturday set featured more gems from their repertoire including “From The Gecko,” “The Weight Of Solomon” and “Dogs On Bikes.” For the finale, the band expanded to the Surprise Me Mr. Davis format by bringing out keyboardist Marco Benevento and troubadour Nathan Moore for “One Of Us Standing.”

Saturday’s Joe Russo’s Almost Dead matinee set spanned over two hours. The quintet kicked off their performance with a jam that led into “The Music Never Stopped,” which gave way to “Cats Under The Stars.” Tom Hamilton then sang “Sugaree” before Scott Metzger led the group through “My Brother Esau.” An expansive segment featuring “Cassidy” and a verse of “St. Stephen” within “Here Comes Sunshine” came next. From there, “Estimated Prophet” bled into “Tennessee Jed.”

The Barr Brothers emerged for “The Wheel” and stuck around for the “Playing In The Band” that closed JRAD’s matinee set. Almost Dead then returned for a 50-minute “Other Shit” set filled with Pink Floyd material. The band played all of “Echoes” as heavy rain passed through and then paired “Time” and “Pigs (Three Different Ones).” Joe Russo’s Almost Dead closed the frame with “Breathe” before drummer Joe Russo told fans, “We’ll get back to that (later)” and thanked attendees for bearing with all the issues.

Joe Russo’s Almost Dead’s mini-festival concludes today with “collaborative sets of music” starting at 1 p.m. weather permitting. Watch JRAD’s Pink Floyd set and “Cats Under The Stars” captured by Monica Hampton below:

Pink Floyd Set

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Cats Under The Stars

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The Slip (Friday, August 13)

Set: New Song, Even Rats, Get Me With Fuji, Reverse Blues (Catch A Villain), The Boy In The Bubble, Motherwolf, Paper Birds

Joe Russo’s Almost Dead (Saturday, August 14)

Set One: Jam > The Music Never Stopped > Cats Under The Stars > Sugaree, My Brother Esau, Jam > Cassidy > Here Comes Sunshine > St. Stephen verse > Here Comes Sunshine > Estimated Prophet > Tennessee Jed > The Wheel (w/ Brad & Andrew Barr) > Playing In The Band (w/ Brad & Andrew Barr)

Set Two (Other Shit): Echoes, Time > Pigs (Three Different Ones) > Breathe

The Slip (Saturday, August 14)

Set: From The Gecko, Driving Backwards With You, Ernie Mickey, The Weight Of Solomon, Sometimes True To Nothing > Autobody Experience > Dogs On Bikes, One Of Us Standing (w/ Nathan Moore & Marco Benevento)

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