Happy Birthday Joel Cummins: Umphrey’s McGee Live In Aspen 2014

Today marks the 73rd birthday of Umphrey’s McGee keyboardist Joel Cummins. Okay, he’s only 43, but he sure seems old. Joel was born on January 12, 1975 in La Grange, Illinois. Cummins went on to attend Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana; where he formed Stomper Bob. When Stomper Bob split up, which was around the same time fellow ND band Tashi Station broke up, Cummins formed Umphrey’s McGee with his SB mate Mike Mirro and Tashi Station’s Brendan Bayliss and Ryan Stasik and the band played their first show in January of 1998. Umphrey’s soon added Andy Farag, brought Jake Cinninger aboard in 2000 and replaced Mirro with Kris Myers in 2003. Last night, the six-piece kicked off a tour celebrating their 20th anniversary and today issued their latest studio album – it’s not us.

In celebration of Joel’s birthday, today’s Full Show Friday features an Umphrey’s McGee show from 2014. On March 18, 2014 UM played the first of two sold-out performances at the intimate confines of Belly Up Aspen. The band shared official video of the entire concert, which can be viewed below. Cummins & Co. opened with the one-two punch of instrumental “Nipple Trix” and Mantis track “Turn & Run.” The latter was the first in 98 shows. Oldies “2nd Self” and “Professor Wormbog” came next along with a stellar pairing of “Intentions Clear” and “Words” off the group’s 2006 studio album Safety In Numbers. Joel and his mates ended the frame with an inventive “Last Man Swerving” -> “Partyin’ Peeps” sequence and a cover of “Let’s Dance” by David Bowie.


The second set from March 18, 2014 began innocently enough with “Ringo” from Cinninger’s Ali Baba’s Tahini days. Umphrey’s worked beloved rarity “The Fuzz” into “Ringo” ahead of a “Prowler”/”Sociable Jimmy” segment. Then, the sextet fit “Miami Virtue” within “Pay The Snucka” and dusted off a cover of “Waiting Room” by Fugazi for the first time in 50 shows. UM said farewell to the Aspen faithful for the night with a “The Floor” encore. Watch the entire concert below and be sure to wish Joel a happy birthday if you’re off to see the band in Cincinnati tonight.

Watch pro-shot footage of both UM sets from March 18, 2014:

[Set One]


[Set Two & Encore]

Setlist (via All Things Umphreys)

Set 1: Nipple Trix > Turn & Run, 2nd Self, Professor Wormbog, Intentions Clear > Words, Last Man Swerving -> Partyin’ Peeps, Let’s Dance

Set 2: Ringo > The Fuzz > Ringo[1], Prowler > Sociable Jimmy[2], Pay the Snucka > Miami Virtue[3] > Pay the Snucka[4], Waiting Room

Encore: The Floor

  • [1] with The Message (Grandmaster Flash) jam
  • [2] with A Go Go (John Scofield) teases
  • [3] with Den teases
  • [4] with Fletch theme (Harold Faltermeyer) tease
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